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Biosafety and rDNA Research Program: Application Process

Prior to begining research or acquiring covered materials, researchers complete and submit an application to the Miami Research Ethics and Integrity Office ( or

Review: Applications are distributed or made available to all members of the IBC. If after 5 business days, a convened meeting review has not been called for. The IBC or a subcommittee of the IBC (dependent on the nature of the research) reviews the application individually via email correspondence. Any committee member may call for a convened committee review of an application. If a convened meeting is called, researchers will be invited to directly respond to questions or comments. If a convened meeting is not called, the IBC chair will synthesize the comments of the reviewers and send a list of comments to the researcher.

Researchers respond directly to each comment on the list and revises the protocol included in the application to reflect any modifications or amendments included in the reviewers comments responses, highlighting the changes of thereview copy. The revised application is submitted to the IBC.
Research may commence once explicit approval is received from the chair by email. Protocols are approved until the next April 30th. A status report is requested annually in March of each year for review and continuing approval. (note: requests for status reports for all active protocols, including those approved any time in the previous year will be required).
Base Form: (BSL-2 or non-rDNA):
  Biohazards Application Form (required)
Supplement 1:
  Personnel Form (for listing anyone not included on the application form)

Supplement 2:

  Animal Use Supplement (required for inclusion of live animals)
General Sample Lab SOP: 
  Lab Safety SOP Template (edit for specific lab or project)


Biosafety References
  Miami IBC Chair is Dr. Joseph Carlin (

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