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Animal Care and Use Program:
CITI Training and Certification

The process for creating an account (7 steps) and logging in is described on the CITI site. Also:

1. If you have a Miami UniqueID (the first part of a Miami Email address), please use that when you register. If not, please use LastnameFirstname (no spaces) so that you and we will be able to locate your records in our database. Please do not use the same password you use for Miami.

2. If you have completed CITI animal care training at another institution, you can affiliate with Miami and Miami will then have access to your records.

3. The "Animal Care IACUC Basic Course" module is a requirement. Other modules are optional, but you should need to complete at least one. The options are:

  Frogs, Toads or other Amphibians
  Mice. Family: Muridae Cricetidae
  Rabbits, Family: Leporidae
  Wildlife Research
  Antibody Production
  Aseptic Surgery
  Minimizing Pain and Distress



1. Complete the required online CITI training

Link to online training

Please choose all the training courses which apply to your lab

EX: If my new lab works with rats and do surgeries I would take courses on rats(or rodents), Aseptic Surgery, and Minimizing Pain and Distress

2. Prospective researcher reads the Lab Protocols and the PI has submitted Request to have trainee added to protocol

3. Request to schedule facility training with LAR Director via Email: Jazzminn Hembree (

See Miami University Laboratory Animal Resources Training Checklist for further information. Once the checklist is completed facility access will be granted by DLAR.

4. PI is responsible for training lab members to do all lab specific techniques and to properly handle the animals



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